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National Assessors

National Assessors advise employers on whether applicants meet the standards for appointment to the role of Applied Consultant Psychologists, Band 8C and above.

In particular, they assess whether candidates have the necessary skills and competencies to fulfil the job description associated with the post. They also advise on the relative strengths and weaknesses of candidates in relation to the required competencies, and can advise on development plans for appointees where appropriate. However, the final decision ultimately remains with the employer.

In addition, national assessors may give advice on the development of the job description, person specification and recruitment advert. While National Assessors are useful at all stages of recruitment, the earlier they are involved in the selection process, the more they can help.

We advise that national assessors are used for all consultant level appointments.

Read our guidelines on the appointment of consultant psychologists.

Finding an assessor

The easiest way to find an assessor is to complete this form
(Please note - this will take you away from the website to a Microsoft site setup by the BPS.)

We will aim to provide 2 assessors appropriate to your requirements. Please note the majority of assessors require at least 6 weeks' notice to commit to a process.

Please be prepared to supply the following information:

  1. Name of trust/ organisation
  2. Title and band of post
  3. Specialism (area of expertise)
  4. Stage of recruitment
  5. Dates/ deadlines
  6. Is or can the interview be conducted remotely?
  7. Are there any special requirements or circumstances?

Alternatively, you may wish to contact a National Assessor directly.

Our database is searchable by postcode and specialism. Assessors will need to be contacted to confirm availability, meaning you may need to contact multiple assessors.

If your search doesn’t return any results, please enter the nearest town to your preferred location.


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