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Wider Psychological Workforce Register

Find a Psychological Professional

Whether you’re looking for a psychological professional as an individual or as an employer, you can use our Wider Psychological Workforce Register.

The register lets you search for professionals who are working in psychological practitioner and applied psychology roles that are not regulated by law. The register is an individual registration scheme that shows those registered have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to practice in their role and shows commitment to their area of practice. The requirements and standards an individual needs to demonstrate to be listed on the register have been developed in collaboration with NHS England and NHS Education for Scotland (for Scottish CAAP roles) – so you can be confident in your search with us.

The roles you can search for on the register are:

Wellbeing Practitioner roles:

·         Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (PWP) - registration open

·         Children’s Wellbeing Practitioner (CWP) 

·         Education Mental Health Practitioner (EMHP) 

Associate Psychology roles:

·         Clinical Associate in Applied Psychology (CAAP) Scotland

·         Clinical Associate in Psychology (CAP)

Registration is voluntary, however some employers may require those working in the roles outlined to be registered as a condition of their employment.

Find out more information about the roles on the Wider Psychological Workforce Register and what registration means.

What if the person I am looking for does not appear on the Wider Psychological Workforce Register?

If the person you are looking for does not appear on the register, then this usually mean that they have not met the criteria for being on the register.

If a serious complaint has been raised against a registrant they may be suspended from the register whilst an investigation takes place. If any complaint is upheld after investigation, the registrant may be removed from the register or their register entry may be changed to denote the existence or outcome of a complaint. The society publishes a list of sanctioned registrants with a short summary description of complaints, and any sanctions applied, on the website for public information.

Use this register to check whether a psychological practitioner is registered with us. 

If your search doesn’t return any results, please enter the nearest town to your preferred location.


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